Therion Reveals New Album Title: Les Fleurs Du Mal

Therion Reveals New Album Title: Les Fleurs Du Mal

Na žádost samotných Therion tu máte info k jejich připravovanému tour i novému albu…

Therion are busy making final preparations to celebrate their 25th year anniversary of the band and to release the new album “Les Fleurs du Mal” during the tour. The tour is going to include 26 cities.


(Stockholm, September 2012) – Up to this moment, none of the songs have been made public. From Friday September 28th on, Therion is going to introduce it for the first time to their fans during their “Flowers Of Evil” 25th year anniversary concert tour.

The album “Les Fleurs du Mal” is a part of an art project that Christofer Johnsson has been thinking about for some years.

“The time was never right for it, but in celebration of the band’s 25th year anniversary, I thought now will finally be the right time for it,” Christofer Johnsson explains.

There are still many details that are unknown about this mystical art project, and so far only the album title “Les Fleurs du Mal” of Therion’s upcoming release can be officially announced.

The album title refers to Charles Baudelaire’s (French author and poet 1821 – 1867) famous poem collection “Flowers of Evil” (“Les Fleurs du Mal” in French) that caused such an upset of emotions in France that the author was brought to court and got fined for “insulting the public” with six of the poems, that remained forbidden in France until 1949 when the ban was finally lifted. The spirit of the project is a tribute to Baudelaire, and is imbued into both music and artwork. The album was recorded at Adulruna studio, located in a separate building next to Johnsson’s decadent “Villa Adulruna” where the band lived together while recording.

Christofer states that this art project: “Was being too controversial for Therion’s label, Nuclear Blast Records, by the final results, so I asked if it was possible to buy back the master tapes of the record and release it on my own label. And after some negotiations, my wish was granted.”

“But Therion of course is still signed to Nuclear Blast Records for future releases,” Christofer clarifies.

By having full control of the release now, Christofer has decided to do everything his own way, and starts by releasing the album to the loyal fans first that come to the concerts in Europe during Therion’s 25th Anniversary “Flowers of Evil” tour.

The album will of course also be officially released and distributed at a later stage to everyone who is not able to attend any of the shows, and will also be available through licenses to the territories outside of Europe.

Christofer explain that “This is the beginning of a new period that will last for a number of years, where the band will focus on doing certain projects performed by Therion rather than releasing regular albums. In the planning after the art project is a rock opera that is scheduled to take several years to complete.”

Now during Therion’s “Flowers of Evil” and the band’s 25th anniversary tour the audience can expect a classy performance which combines all the elements which have been the key to Therion’s success throughout the years.

Below is the schedule of the upcoming Therion tour dates.


Therion – “Flowers of Evil” – Tour 2012

Date                 Country                 City -Venue

28.09.2012, Holland                      Eindhoven – Effenaar

29.09.2012, Holland                      Groningen -Oosterpoort

30.09.2012, Belgium                     Antwerp – TRIX

01.10.2012, France                        Paris – Bataclan

02.10.2012, France                        Rennes – Antipode

04.10.2012, Spain                          Madrid – Heineken

05.10.2012, Spain                          Barcelona – Razzmatazz 2

06.10.2012, Spain                          Bilbao – Rock Star

07.10.2012, France                        Toulouse – Bikini

09.10.2012, France                        Lyon – Transbordeur

10.10.2012, Switzerland               Pratteln – Z7

11.10.2012, Italy                            Trezzo d Adda – Live Club

12.10.2012, Germany                    Glauchau – Alte Spinnerei

13.10.2012, Czech Republic        Zlin – Masters of Rock Cafe

14.10.2012, Czech Republic        Prague – DK Vltavska

15.10.2012, Poland                        Krakow – Club Studio

16.10.2012, Poland                        Warsaw – Stodola

17.10.2012, Hungary                     Budapest – Club 202

19.10.2012, Romania                    Bucharest – Arenele Romane Tent

20.10.2012, Greece                       Saloniki – Apothiki Mylos

21.10.2012, Greece                       Athens – Gagarin 205

23.10.2012, Russia                        Rostov – ODO

24.10.2012, Russia                        Krasnodar – Arena Hall

26.10.2012, Russia                        St.Petersburg – Glavclub

27.10.2012, Russia                        Moscow – Milk

28.10.2012, Ukraine                      Kiev – Bingo


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Some background infomation:

The Swedish band Therion is one of the most unique and influential metal acts and are often described as „classical music combined with heavy guitars“. But while other bands simply start layering a few orchestral tracks on top of their traditional metal brew, Therion’s mastermind Christofer Johnsson looks back upon a long history of working on his own organic fusion of those genres and always documents his path towards a unique vision. Therion was formed by Christofer Johnsson in 1987. The place was Upplands Väsby, a suburb to Stockholm in Sweden, known for breeding other famous artists like Europe, Candlemass and Yngwie Malmsteen.  Therion’s rise to the top of the gothic and metal scenes started with their breakthrough album “Theli”.  On this album they combined classic and metal effectively for the first time. They had big choirs and a lot of classical instruments included on this masterpiece.  Over the years, Christofer and his mates focused more and more on this classical thing but without losing their metal roots. The sound of the album is bombastic and operatic with the North German Radio Choir chanting Wagnerian vocal lines to the chunky guitars of the nowadays considered Therion’s trademark “To Mega Therion”. This was also the start of the symphonic metal trend that where to come about, with many metal bands popping up using sopranos as lead singers. The current bestselling album is “Vovin” (sold over 150.000 copies). At present in 2012, the band is celebrating their 25th year anniversary with tours and a special art project, in which the album “Les Fleurs du Mal” is the core part.

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